In 2012, Latino Voters will be a major force in deciding who will be the next President of the United States. Now, you can predict how this key demographic will vote, by interacting with the most recently available independent polling results through this brand new, interactive map from Latino Decisions and America’s Voice Education Fund.

Republicans fail to improve their image among Latinos, but have opportunity on education

Cross-Posted at Latino Decisions and America’s Voice: The latest impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll released today revealed a continued trend in support for President Obama, and increased dissatisfaction with Republican outreach towards Latino voters, with a possible opening for Romney on his education plan. [Full week 7 results posted here] Overall, seventy-two percent of Latino voters [...]


Wave 6 Tracking Poll: Obama widens lead nationally, Romney closer in battleground states

Cross-Posted at Latino Decisions and America’s Voice –  This week’s impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll found slight gains for presidential candidate Mitt Romney in battleground states with 33% certain to or thinking about voting for him. However, the over national polling data shows the strongest week to date for President Obama and the Democrats, with noticeable [...]


Senate Spotlights: Six Races to Watch for Immigration Reform Supporters

Today, America’s Voice releases a spotlight on six key Senate races of importance to Latino and immigrant voters—and all those who care about common sense immigration reform.  The analysis evaluates the power of the Latino voter community in each state and summarizes where each U.S. Senate candidate stands on the issue.  America’s Voice will release a [...]


How media stereotypes about Latinos fuel negative attitudes towards Latinos

Cross-Posted at Latino Decisions: Latino Decisions was commissioned by the National Hispanic Media Coalition to assess how non-Hispanics across the country view the image of Latinos in the media today, and whether or not media portrayals of Latinos have a direct causal effect on attitudes in the general public towards Latinos. [Full report here | Webinar slides here] Executive [...]


Who Out-Latino’d Who? Assessing the RNC and DNC Conventions Latino Outreach

by Matt Barreto, Latino Decisions on 09/12/2012 Latino political leaders were on display at the 2012 political conventions like never before.  The Republican convention featured two Latino Governors and two Latino U.S. Senators (with the impending election of Ted Cruz in Texas).  The Democrats countered with a Latino chairman of their entire convention and a Latino keynote speaker [...]