In 2012, Latino Voters will be a major force in deciding who will be the next President of the United States. Now, you can predict how this key demographic will vote, by interacting with the most recently available independent polling results through this brand new, interactive map from Latino Decisions and America’s Voice Education Fund.

Final impreMedia-LD tracking poll: if Latino vote is high, Obama will carry 4 key swing states

by Latino Decisions on 11/05/2012 High Latino voter turnout could deliver swing states of Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, and Florida to the Democrats impreMedia & Latino Decisions today released the last in a series of 11 weekly tracking polls with results suggesting President Obama is poised to win a record high share of the Latino vote, and in turn [...]


Predict election outcome through Latino Decisions/America’s Voice Interactive map

We have conducted extensive analysis throughout the campaign season focused on the Latino electorate and our blogs have repeatedly argued that Latino Voters will be a major force in deciding who will be the next President of the United States. With only hours before election night, you can predict how this key demographic group will [...]


How the Exit Polls Misrepresent Latino Voters, and Badly

by Gary Segura, Latino Decisions on 11/01/2012 Did you know that, despite running exceedingly racialized anti-Latino advertisements in Nevada’s Senate race, Sharon Angle got 30% of the Latino vote? Jan Brewer also did well, attracting an above-average 28% share of Arizona’s Hispanic vote just months after signing SB1070 into law.  Moreover, Meg Whitman received 21% of the African [...]


The Context of Immigration Policy in New Mexico Reflects National Trends

by Gabriel Sanchez on 10/31/2012 The Latino electorate continues to be one of the most intriguing story lines of the 2012 election cycle, with the role of immigration policy in Latino voting behavior dominating discussions of the Latino vote in this critical election. Here at Latino Decisions we have provided in-depth analysis of this relationship, finding that immigration [...]


Latinos’ Support for Obama Solid in Florida

by LD Guest Blogger Casey Klofstad on 10/30/2012 With the election less than two weeks away there has been a great deal of speculation about the Latino community’s support for President Obama, particularly in Florida. Most recently, an Interactive Voice Response survey, or “robo-poll,” conducted on October 10-11 by Florida International University showed that 50.7% of Latinos in Florida who [...]