In 2012, Latino Voters will be a major force in deciding who will be the next President of the United States. Now, you can predict how this key demographic will vote, by interacting with the most recently available independent polling results through this brand new, interactive map from Latino Decisions and America’s Voice Education Fund.

8 percent of Latinos have already voted early, enthusiasm up again in final week

The latest impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll shows that Latinos are more enthusiastic and more likely to vote than ten weeks ago when the initial poll was fielded.  Forty-five percent of Latino voters say they are more enthusiastic about voting in 2012 compared to 2008.  That number is up from 37% from ten weeks ago when the initial [...]


Targeting Latino Voters in Campaign Communications: New Evidence and Insights

by LD Guest Blogger, Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D. on 10/25/2012 Hispanics are now the largest minority group in the United States at 16.5 percent of the population and are one of the most sought after groups of voters in swing areas across the country. However, surveys reveal that Hispanics, compared to non-Hispanic whites and African-Americans, have a lower share [...]


LD Vote Predict Indicates Latinos Voters Will Support Obama Over Romney by 3 to 1 Margin

by Justin H. Gross on 10/24/2012 While President Obama’s support among Latino voters has fallen slightly from its peak prior to the first debate (week 6 of the tracking poll), effects of a poor debate performance by President Obama have been minimal. Furthermore, we find that any small Romney gains were short-lived. We have seen relative stability over [...]


Why Pollsters Missed the Latino Vote – 2012 edition

Cross-Posted at Latino Decisions and America’s Voice:  In 1998 Harry Pachon and Rudy de la Garza wrote a report for the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute titled “Why Pollsters Missed the Latino Vote – Again!” in which they argued that polls across California failed to accurately account for Latino voters in their samples, and that pre-election [...]


Latino voters highly engaged in presidential election, support for Obama rises

The impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll latest results reveal a high level of interest and engagement by Latino voters in the upcoming congressional and presidential elections. [ Full wave 9 results here ] More than three-fourths of all respondents said they have talked with friends or family members about candidates, issues or other election topics in [...]